Can You Really Use Article Marketing To Build Your List?

Increased targeted web site traffic means more chances of generating sales, leads and interests. There are multiple ways of driving traffic to your site. Some work and some don’t. In this article, I will teach you the ultimate secret to skyrocket your targeted website traffic.

The second secret is purchasing banner ads. Banner ads got a poor reputation after the dotcom boom busted. That is why most marketers stay away from banners. But in fact, banner ads are proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring quality traffic, and it is the most overlooked source of getting traffic. Also, banner ads are dirt cheap. I can still remember that during the dotcom boom, banner ads soared to prices such as $100 per 1000 impressions. Now, you could get them for just a few dollars.

Well structured content. Make sure that your book flows from the beginning to end. Don’t move away from the topic or fill it up with repetitive information.

Imagine that you are targeting IBM for your next position as a Director of Marketing (this works with any position or company, by the way). LinkedIn allows you to search for people based on company, so head over to the advanced snusbase and look for people who currently work at IBM in marketing. I found 370 in the U.S. who fit that category. Say you want to work in New York; that search garners 80 results. You want to shoot for the person who is at least one level above you, so I found Matt Preschern, the VP of Marketing at IBM. He is my second-level connection and he only has 144 total connections, so he’s more likely to take a look when he gets an e-mail.

Ranking – While you shouldn’t choose a supplier of hoist accessories by ranking alone, Google and other search engines do a good job of making sure that relevant companies are near the beginning of their search rankings. That means that if you click on a highly ranked link, you’re likely to do business with a trustworthy company.

Use quality content. Content is king on the internet. Not only does the right formulation of content get you site traffic, but the right content will convert visitors into customers. If you don’t think you can write great content on your own, you can always hire someone to do it for you. You can usually find these individuals on bid for work sites at very reasonable rates.

Even though you may find a couple of added benefits of Feedlooks when compared to Google Reader, I may never say it is a complete substitute for your Google Reader. Feedlooks has not come up with a mobile version yet and it doesn’t support keyboard short cuts. And moreover, you only get to see bits and pieces of the story inside the Feedlooks reader. But it doesn’t hurt anyone to try out this minimal and good-looking service without even creating an account.

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Can You Really Use Article Marketing To Build Your List?

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