Hair Extensions: What You Need To Know

From the lace wigs inception, hair types were limited to only a few textures. Today, there are a myriad of remy hair choices for all ethnicities and backgrounds. These added options make having a lace wig even more exciting as you transform yourself into a style chameleon.

Some women have got unhealthy hair in addition to thinning scalps. If you suffer from the same problems then you need to get your hair fixed. There are women who prefer to cut off their hair before they can even start weaving.

In order for your hair to be suitable for cancer wigs, it has to be virgin hair – meaning it has not been bleached or permed. However, if it was colored without bleaching, it may still be acceptable. If the hair has been darkened back to its natural hair color, this does not usually hurt the wig making process. Remember that monofilament wigs for cancer patients need to look natural, and hair has to look healthy. Cancer wigs are worn more for functionality than being fashionable.

A: The question primarily lies on whether you want it on a permanent or temporary basis. If you are the type who likes experimenting with different hairstyles, then it’s naturally better to just install it yourself. That way, you can easily remove it overnight and then install a different one in the morning for a different look. However, if you’ve settled on a specific look and decided to support this type for a little while, then it’s best to have a professional do it for you.

Wefts, on the other hand, are braided into your hair, so no compounds are necessary. A weft looks like a curtain of hair held together at the prime and hanging freely towards the bottom. It is braided into your hair all around the midline of your head – about ear degree. It is safer for your hair but, on the draw back, as you personal hair grows wefts have to be rebraided – about when every single two months.

Indian Remy hair or just remy hair is a very high quality hair extension and is made almost entirely of human hair. Remy extensions are superior in quality because it is shines in the sun and is absolutely tangle free due to the preserved cuticle layer of the hair. The hair has a natural bunch of keratin cells (of which the real hair are made of) and hence high in quality and also lasts longer (durable).

Graduations: If a person is graduating from high school or college, he or she might want to show up at the ceremony with some Repunzel-like style. It’s all possible with a phone call and appointment made at the stylist.

Well, I hope you learned something new and interesting about hair! There are so many other cool things to learn and I will write about them a later day!

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