Make Money Blogging While You Work At Home – Business Tips To Help You Succeed

Blogging with WordPress is one of the easiest ways to start on the web. There are so many people that have done all the work for you already and all you have to do is implement the steps.

I NEVER got an article approved with the first submission, many took 3-4 changes to get approved, several were never approved and I ditched even trying.

What I’m trying to do is accelerate my understanding of where the money is. So I will run some pay per click in the beginning to get data. I’ll use that data then to build more content. The content I’ll start distributing out across different networks using some of the things like Article Marketing. You’re probably familiar with that sort of stuff. Then I’ll use blog comments and then forums and press releases. I’ll also get links from other blogs by using some blog networks.

In the long run, it is a good idea to have the blog hosted in your own web host and link it to a domain name. This will build your credibility and make you look professional. Furthermore, you have total control over the look and feel of your blog layout. Most hosting service providers include a tool called Fantastico, which enable you to easily install a WordPress bloggen blog at the click of a button.

Hosted blog platform may be free. The benefit is that you don’t have to maintain all the technical aspects of running blog software including installing WordPress blogs and updating to newer versions of the web application.

Clear out the spam. Spam are comments that are usually left by robots; although there are some services that pay people to leave spam in order to get past Captcha software. Most spam is easily recognizable. Instead of a name, they will use a keyword. The comment will be completely off topic from the article or they will leave very generic comments that don’t say anything. Most will also try to leave links to their websites in the body of the article.

Don’t bet your business on free. Self-host your own WordPress site for your main site. But learn at the knee of the marketing masters. Increase your search engine position by using the free blogs as auxillary sites, and be sure to link to the main one. Then you’ve turned a weakness (free hosted blogs) into a search engine strength.

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Make Money Blogging While You Work At Home – Business Tips To Help You Succeed

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