Save Money And Energy When You Think Pink

When it comes to insulating our homes against the rigours of a New York or Chicago winter, far too many of us forget about foam pipe insulation. We remember our wall and ceiling insulation. We might even invest in fibreglass or insulation board options. Yet we forget to protect one of the most crucial elements of our home: the water supply.

INSULATE THE CEILING. For those who live in apartments, I recommend that you insulate your ceilings. This is because heat rises and you may loose most of your heat to t he upstairs tenants. If you don’t like the idea of heating your neighbors’ apartment, you can purchase ceiling insulation products that is easy to tack to the ceiling. It may not look too pretty but it can save a lot of money and keep your warmer.

12 – As a consequence of changes to the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target scheme the defined term ‘Renewable Energy Certificate’ has been deleted and replaced by a new defined term ‘Small-scale Technology Certificate’.

Once an Ice Dam has occurred, to prevent the ice from melting and causing possible water damage in your home, there are basically two things you can do.

The depth of the insulation is very important; however, checking the density of the insulation is also equally important. The blow in insulation type can be fluffed up after it is installed. This is done so that it meets the required depth without actually meeting the required R value. This will settle over time so that the desired R value is achieved as the R value is lowered after it settles down.

Lack of cleaning quickly turned popcorn ceilings dingy from soot and dust buildup. Those unfortunate homeowners whose popcorn ceilings turned a dingy gray or had become stained from water damage quickly discovered that trying paint a popcorn ceiling was a little bit like trying to paint sand. The granules of popcorn would stick to the roller brush, and made it impossible hard to paint without ruining the texture of the ceiling itself.

Insulate Pipes – Plumbing pipes under your home are prone to freezing when it gets cold. Unfortunately, most homes are built to the minimum building standards, just enough to pass inspection so it can be sold. Because of our mild winters insulated pipes are not standard building code. A quick and inexpensive project can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and plenty of headaches.

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Save Money And Energy When You Think Pink

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