Dearborn Holding 34Th Annual Homecoming This Weekend

If you are thinking of going on vacation to Las Vegas, you might want to consider looking at some of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas. There are a few fantastic hotels and casinos that have surprisingly cheap rates. Three of the Best hotels and casinos to stay at, that have cheap room rates are the Imperial Palace, Four Queens, and Palace Station. This article is going to review each of these properties and help you decide where to stay on your next trip!

Then on June 20th the Magnolia House Storytelling Festival at Bulloch Hall gets under way as one of the more family favorite summer festivals in Roswell. Again it’s free and is always fun for all ages.

On Monday May 25th the largest Memorial Day celebration in the state gets under way with “Roswell Remembers.” This year 2009 Colonel Benjamin H. Purcell will speak. Colonel Purcell is a decorated Viet Nam War veteran and former POW. All the activities with “Roswell Remembers” will take place at City Hall and starts at 10am. It continues well into the afternoon with food served after the festivities usually around 1pm.

If Detroit is ever to stand up for anything again besides the automotive industry or the up and coming film industry we need to look at the music situation once again. We need to see more original acts and venues that will not turn away potential audiences. It is going to be difficult to sustain any type of long lasting effects by treating the music industry, what made us once great, as left over garbage. Music is an energy, it’s an art form and it’s a much needed industry to Detroit.

Summertime in Westchester County is the place to be if you want to find live music on a lovely, warm evening. There are many nights dedicated to eighties band performing for enthusiastic music lovers and picnicking families. Bring the kids to one of those concerts and you may just have a little Rolling Stones or Beatles fan starting to emerge in your household.

For something different, check out the Tuesday LA Underground Superstars show at Simply Thai on Hillhurst – the food is divine and the show features four different acts each week – it’s a can’t miss combination.

Their music speaks for itself. They really were the perfect band. It’s great that the fans seem to appreciate all the time and effort that we’ve put into recreating the best rock band ever…!

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