Food And Wine Pairing – Part 1

Long Island is full of various events to relax with the family or let loose after a busy workweek. Check out these upcoming events and have some fun this weekend!

When you serve wine, however, there are many choices out there, and people really do it differently, from household to household. There is simply not one type of wine glass that is commonly used to serve this drink. I’ve seen some people serving wine even in regular water glasses. It is not a clear cut case scenario. And this is where you can come in and make your friends look in awe at your wine serving stemware.

Perhaps you have always wanted to live in a penthouse suite like a movie star. With holiday rentals in Spain, that dream can easily become a reality for the length of your vacation.

When you buy remarkable as a gift it usually also has the option of having it presented in a gift box. Not only does this make it easier because you don’t have to wrap it but it can also help make the gift that extra bit special.

Tasca Wine Bar has a warm and inviting feel and is quite charming with its wooden bar and a black board listing the night’s specials. The place is loud but its obvious everyone is really into their own wine groove, enjoying the wine, the food, and like-minded people.

One of my favorite Christmas carols never fails to exult, thrill, and cleanse. I always feel better hearing it… and if you know it, I suspect you feel the same. It’s called “Carol of the Bells,” and if you don’t know it, it’s my pleasure to introduce it to you. You’ll be glad to have it. Either way, go to any search engine to find it. There are many fine versions.

Ragan, age 34, is a college professor from West Hollywood, CA. His strategy for winning Big Brother is to not rock the boat until he has to. He reports he is going to struggle with being around a lot of fighting and not holding a grudge. His favorite house guest is Janelle while his least favorite are Boogie and Chima.

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