How A Blog Can Help Your Website’s Ranking

After spending about two hours today working on several of my blogs, I realized for the first time why I really love working with WordPress blogs….they’re COOL.

Participate on forums related to your topic. Just like the blogs, participation in discussions on forums raises your credibility. Always make sure your profile is completed so that those wishing to get more information are directed to your website and blog.

You can now select ‘Install cms blogg ‘ and on the following page ‘Finish Installation’. You will now see confirmation of the WordPress installation with the login details. There is an option to email these to yourself and I would recommend that you do so.

While I’d like to take the credit for getting this all started – it just wouldn’t be the case. Like many other business owners, we always seem to have too many things on our plate. Sometimes we just need a gentle shove from a trusted advisor to get things wordpress blogs in motion.

Repeat visitors really do rake in traffic. Getting regular visitors to a site is a huge traffic generator. The thing is, the regular visitors are those people who have seen and generated interest in your site. These are the kinds of audience that you would want; active and interactive. So, online dating sites must have new and fresh content and activities that would encourage members to log in and visit the site constantly.

They are easy to update yourself. There are sometimes that you just need to make a small change to your site like you changed a service or you want to add a phone number. Instead of having to wait for your designer, you can go right into the dashboard and make the change. If you can blog, you can make changes to a page in wordpress sites.

So, Billy made this demo tape that was very funny, doing a sampler of celebrity voices. I took this tape into Charles, and before you knew it, Billy was a regular on the show. As he became more established, he moved on to appear on the Jay Leno show, and soon became a regular on the Howard Stern Show, and apparently, never looked back. At least, not in my direction…

So, that is my story of when my WordPress site got hacked. I hope you are able to learn from me and never get your site attacked or hacked. Each night I run the scan on Wordfence and go to sleep with the green message telling me I have no security issues on my site.

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