Lesson In Food Cravings: Practice Patience

Last month’s issue of Body and Soul magazine had an article on Small Changes, and how many people making small changes on a consistent basis can start to make a very noticeable difference in the environment. That article inspired me to make my own list of small changes, and to commit to actually making those decisions consciously for at least the next month. Hopefully after one month these will have become a habit.

A medium-sized compact Refrigerator would be best for college dormitories as students would have to have space to put in their food and drinks. Of course, you should take into consideration the space available inside the dormitory room. If it’s really small, you have no choice but to stick to the smaller SERVICE ΨΥΓΕΙΩΝ.

Make sure to use cold water for most of your rinsing; when you wash your hands in warm water, it opens up the pores in your hands and traps in the onion smell.

The directions on the bag state that the bread should be kept frozen or refrigerated. However, I find that when bread is that fresh, it is best when stored at room temperature. When I come across a two-for-one sale, I do freeze one bag.

As a business and writing coach, one of my functions is to help my clients reach their goals. There are many effective techniques used in coaching that improve a client’s ability to stay focused and motivated. Most importantly, how we communicate our goals to ourselves and to others plays a significant role and greatly influences our success.

Chances are if you are reading this, you are in front of a computer. What do most computers have? A mouse. What do most of them rest on? A mouse pad. Unless you have an optical mouse, they are recommended. If your business name is on a mouse pad that is in use daily, your name will be the first to come to mind when there is a need for what you offer.

Adding a solar tube or two is easy and inexpensive. That is if you don’t have another room above your kitchen. If all else fails, add lighting to your kitchen. A thoughtful choice in light fixtures can add the pop you are looking for in your kitchen home improvement project.

Modular kitchen comes in such a variety of colors and designs that you will surely get one according to your taste. It gives you the liberty to set your kitchen as per your wish.

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Lesson In Food Cravings: Practice Patience

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