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There are some things that horror movie fans old and new will never forget. Jason jumping out of the lake at the end of Friday the 13th. The shower scene from Psycho. Just about every scene of The Exorcist. Classic horror has its high points, but many newer movies should be noted for their now infamously frightening scenes. Here are just a few of them.

Get TiVo Channel: Show your videos to family and friends on your own TiVo channel. Warning: The videos on channels are not available after 60 days. And, if you make a lot of videos, you will have to pay for a pass.

People mentioned that they learned much more about their business contacts on Facebook than on LinkedIn. They can pull in their Twitter Feed and their blog posts, so it provides more of a running commentary of what is going on in their life (as opposed to being limited to only 140 characters). You can also have as many “targeted” friends as possible (whereas you can now only follow up to 2,000 people on Twitter).

Article marketing: – You write good articles, post them in article directories with links pointing to your website. People read the article, like what they read and visit your website. I will address it more in future articles.

The other emailer referred me to a YouTube video proving that my company was a scam. Ironically I formerly belonged to the same network marketing company that the YouTube camera operator in italy belonged to. And, they actually encouraged you to make these type of videos with the word “scam” being used in the title as well as in the keyword list as they claim negativity attracts article readers or video viewers.

It is almost impossible to cover a wedding single handed and that you need two camera operators working to a well-thought-out plan. They must work in tandem, be unobtrusive and yet not miss any of the important shots. Indeed, I feel happier with three cameras working and mobile phone connections and even then I am not a contented lad until I have delivered the finished product.

In fact, if the writers, companies or big wigs of these television shows really think about it, they would see that fan videos are a tribute to their works and that by watching these, there are many people that start watching the television show simply because they enjoyed a fan video about it. Or, on the flip side, they may feel violated and want the fan video taken down. If that happens, a vidder must respect their wishes. The same thing can be said about the songs that are used.

I just hope that each person will realize that hair is unique to the individual. Try new techniques and products with an open mind. And know that your outcome might be different than someone else’s.

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