The Choice Is Clear – Wedding Glassware Makes For Classy Wedding Favors For Your Guests

Set an approximate date for your wedding, and be sure to consider the season. If you wouldn’t mind getting married in the winter, you may be able to save extra money you can put toward the honeymoon, as some venues offer discount rates in the off-season. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to book an outdoor reception, you’ll want to opt for a date in the warm weather months.

Decide what type of reception you’d like to have. From informal picnics to sit-down dinners, there are plenty of styles of wedding receptions to choose from. Sit-down meals are the most traditional option, but they’re also often the most expensive choice. Cocktail-style receptions are gaining popularity, as they’re a much cheaper alternative to sit-down receptions. If you want to skip all the fuss and go for pure simplicity, a cake-cutting attended by a small party of friends and family members may be the right choice.

Cocktail Reception – If your reception hall allows it, have a wine themed cocktail reception before your formal dinner. Choose wines that you as a couple love, and ask your reception site if you can supply the wine yourself. You may have to pay for an debouchage ixelles fee, but it’s a great way to add more personality to your wedding. Choose monogrammed wine glasses, and serve your guests wine with the glasses. Your guests can then take them home as favors! You may want to consider stemless wine glasses – they’re currently very popular and have less of a chance of breaking before your guests can get them home.

Placing headlights or reflectors on your bike – Due to their size, it is hard to notice approaching bicycles during the day. Installing headlights or reflectors at the back of your bicycle can help make it more noticeable to other drivers.

We explored the ship, sang our wedding duet during karaoke time, watched a great comedian and danced. We enjoyed a terrific lunch, breakfast and dinner. They serve food 24/7 for free, so you can even get a late-night snack. They also had bowling for $5 a game, a video arcade, numerous clubs and a cigar bar, a pool, a fitness center, a rock-climbing wall and a spa (which is extra for massages, haircuts, pedicures, etc.).

You may be asking – why Long Island Champagne? Yes, it is not legally Champagne. Will you be arrested for using the term to describe sparklers from elsewhere? No way. As we like to say around these parts – food and wine have no rules. With the quality being as high as it is for some of the better California and Long Island bubblies, they are becoming more than worthy of the title. Wine producers here in this country are making their finest sparklers ever, which gives the consumer more buying power, a relief given the current economic climate. It was not that long ago that Champagne, the actual article, was entitled to its high price-tag, as other sparkling wines clearly could not compete in terms of quality. That has changed, and it is the wine-buying public that may now reap the rewards.

When you pour the champagne, just put a little bit in the champagne flute or glass. You want to avoid heavy foam in the glass. Let the first few bubbles subside and then fill the glass. When you are done pouring the champagne, return the bottle to the ice to keep it chilled.

Interesting graphic from NBC on Samuel: He has 35 interceptions since 2006, most by a player over a five-year period since Detroit’s Lem Barney had the same number from 1967-71.

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The Choice Is Clear – Wedding Glassware Makes For Classy Wedding Favors For Your Guests

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