Why Not Take The Sales Quiz To See How You Are Doing?

Thursday evening I took my son to a Woman’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship playoff game. My son is a big sports fan but this was the first time we attend a WNBA game.

When I began Marketing Life Insurance back in the 80’s, my goal was all about the money. I could sell someone a piece of paper and within just a few days reap the rewards of selling. It’s not until you see the other side of the equation that your efforts begin to come to light.

Teach your sales team the best ways to achieve their goals. Give them a mission statement and discuss it with them to get their feedback. Everyone needs to have a common idea of what they want to achieve. You sales management training program should teach a good attitude, developing personally, team goals, individual goals, staying motivated, and sticking with it.

On a recent trip to Chicago, to conduct a one half-day insurance sales training programs, I was off to Las Vegas to present a two-day Management training program.

If you want to really know how to improve your sales I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Success leaves clues.” What that means is successful people always leave clues as to why they are successful and how they got that way. The best way to make an immediate impact on your sales career is to interview one, two or ten of the top performers in your company or industry. For example, if you sell cars for a living why not sit with, watch and interview the top sellers in your dealership? Nearly 100% of the time that person will be more than willing to help you be more successful. Just imagine if you can simply duplicate what the best in the business are already doing how much more money will you put in your pocket?

If you’re a sales manager, take a close look in the mirror and ask yourself, “How am I doing?” If you want to achieve superior results as a manager you’ll have to have superior management skills at your fingertips.

Now let me share something about conditions. They are a little different. Conditions are reasons that sales don’t or even can’t happen. “We are closing our doors tomorrow and going out of business” is a condition. There is nothing you can do about that today. When faced with a condition, be respectful and suggest the possibility of working together in the future.

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Why Not Take The Sales Quiz To See How You Are Doing?

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